Interpretation of different aspects of intelligent manufactu?

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In order to further implement the "Made in China 2025" strategy, focus on breaking through the bottlenecks and shortcomings of manufacturing development, promote the transformation and upgrading of my country's manufacturing industry, and seize the opportunity of intelligent manufacturing competition, the National Manufacturing Power Construction Leading Group has formulated the "1+X" plan system. "1" refers to "Made in China 2025", "X" refers to 11 supporting implementation guides, action guides and development planning guides, including the construction of a national manufacturing innovation center, industrial strong foundation, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, high-end equipment Implementation guidelines for five major projects including innovation, two special action guidelines for the development of service-oriented manufacturing and equipment manufacturing quality brands, and four development planning guidelines for new materials, information industry, pharmaceutical industry and manufacturing talents. The “1+X” planning system will stand at the height of the country, and through the government’s top-down guidance, give play to the advantages of the integrated development of “industry-university-research-government”, absorb high-quality social resource elements, and focus on development, development models, and supporting services. To enhance the core competitiveness of my country’s manufacturing industry.

       In terms of development priorities, the planning system clearly proposes three industries: new materials, information industry and pharmaceutical industry. Intelligent manufacturing is an important trend in the development of global manufacturing. Its biggest feature is the in-depth integration with the new generation of information technology, supporting the accelerated development of the information industry, and providing basic technical support for the development of intelligent manufacturing. At the same time, the information industry is also connected The key link between the industry and the service industry. The development of the information industry will promote the integration of the secondary and tertiary industries, and create a production and business model that is closer to the needs of downstream consumers; materials, as the bottom support of the industry, are the manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. , Light industry and other core elements for the development of various industries. Promoting the development of the new material industry will help my country overcome the problems that hinder the further development of the global manufacturing industry, thereby enhancing the competitiveness and influence of my country's manufacturing industry on a global scale; the development of the pharmaceutical industry is the continuous demand for health of the people in social development The necessary support for improvement. At present, my country's pharmaceutical industry still has a certain gap with the international advanced level in terms of intelligence and product quality. Vigorously developing the pharmaceutical industry is not only an important component of industrial development, but also a key factor for the stability of society and people's livelihood.
      In terms of development direction, the four directions of intelligence, green, service, and innovation have become the top priorities. As the development direction clearly put forward by "Made in China 2025", intelligent manufacturing is an important direction for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. At the same time, intelligentization and digitalization are also the core trends of global industrial development; as China's macro economy enters the "new normal" and the supply side The proposed structural reforms require consideration of industrial development and environmental protection. The green upgrade of existing industries and higher environmental protection thresholds for newly-built industries will become necessary conditions for industrial development; with personalized and customized products As a representative, the production model of manufacturing enterprises is changing from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing, and the industrial chain is also actively extending downstream, connecting the entire production process with a new generation of information technology, and using the generated data to create a closed-loop production. Customer demand guides production and R&D; innovation and development are the key to China's manufacturing industry from big to strong. With the slogan "Popular Entrepreneurship, Mass Innovation", a large number of start-up companies spurt out, technological innovation, equipment innovation, and model innovation There are effective ways to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.
       In terms of supporting services, it focuses on improving the three elements of talent, platform and quality brand. Talents are the key force in the development of China's manufacturing industry. The training mechanism for local talents, the recruitment mechanism for overseas returnees, and the incentive mechanism for outstanding talents are improved to provide solid talent support for the realization of the strategic goal of a manufacturing power; national manufacturing innovation The construction of the center will build an important technological innovation platform for the development of China's manufacturing industry, and it is also the core carrier of the national manufacturing innovation system. At the same time, follow-up annual evaluations and regular assessments will be carried out to ensure that the innovation platform can effectively promote technological innovation and sustainable development ; The overall improvement of product quality and brand effect will be an important factor for China's manufacturing industry to enhance its position in international competition. The improvement of quality brand not only needs to highlight the main role of the enterprise, but also needs to build a complete quality basic system and sound The quality supervision mechanism has recently transformed China from a large manufacturing country to a strong manufacturing country.
The development of my country’s manufacturing industry in the future cannot be limited to manufacturing itself, but must stand at the overall height, build an intelligent manufacturing ecosystem, plan in multiple dimensions, make arrangements in advance, and seize the global manufacturing development in the next 30 or 50 years. Take the opportunity and attach importance to the sustainable development of the manufacturing industry, taking into account the coordination of the manufacturing industry, the environment, and people’s livelihood, so as to further implement the macro vision of the development of my country’s manufacturing industry and gradually achieve the medium and long-term goals.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ——Reprinted from Sohu

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