Collaborative robot application scenario outlook?

Issuing time:2020-10-16 15:44

The industry application market pattern is undetermined
  At present, the domestic market applications of collaborative robots are mainly concentrated in 3C electronics, automobiles and their parts, home appliances and other industries. In addition to the industrial field, collaborative robots also have great development prospects in the field of commercial services. Among them, it includes the currently more popular logistics and warehousing and medical fields.
  Among them, in the picking link in the logistics and warehousing field, one way is the AGV equipped with collaborative robots, which greatly saves labor costs and improves work efficiency. The future logistics and warehousing market will be immeasurable.
  In addition, due to the excellent safety performance of the collaborative robot and the flexible characteristics of the robotic arm imitating the human arm, the collaborative robot is very suitable for application in the field of rehabilitation robots and medical care robots. And affected by the epidemic, most companies launched new medical robots during the epidemic and achieved certain success.
  In the short term, the industrial field is still the main application market for collaborative robots, but the competition will become increasingly fierce; in the long run, the service field and business field have the opportunity to become the blue ocean of new applications.
  The collaborative robot is equipped with AGV to form a composite robot
  Combining the collaborative robot with the AGV car makes the collaborative robot no longer limited to a certain unit, area and type of work, but is upgraded to a "free robot" in the production line team. It can not only carry and dispatch between various processes, but also Production expansion needs to deploy robots to any work station to participate in production together, or to work collaboratively with operators in specific safety areas.
  At present, there are many successful cases in the industry. AGV equipped with collaborative robots are mainly used for multi-station assembly and handling. Such as: automated factory, database management, power inspection, storage and sorting, automated supermarket, etc. In fact, because the collaborative robot can be quickly deployed on the AGV due to its easy installation, supports modification, has a more mature solution, and the collaborative robot has low power consumption, the AGV car has a long battery life.
  The collaborative robot is equipped with a variety of flexible grippers to complete more tasks
  Compared with traditional robots, the biggest feature of collaborative robots is flexibility. In order to further improve the flexibility of collaborative robots, more and more flexible fixtures will be used in applications, and these end effectors will become more and more robots. The core component of the application, the collaborative robot can better realize some new functions after being equipped with an end effector.
  Under this development trend, domestic and foreign companies are increasingly emphasizing the function of collaborative robots to quickly replace fixtures. The robots can automatically replace and recognize any tool or gripper. The operator can edit the robot's motion path at one time by dragging. As well as all butt jigs or gripping movements, without using a hand-held teach pendant, it truly realizes hand-to-hand teaching.
  Analyze sub-industries, innovative products are the long-term development of enterprises
  As a new product type of industrial robots, collaborative robots are still undergoing iterative upgrades. At the same time, the functions and technical parameters of collaborative robots have not been fully finalized, which still cannot meet the actual needs of some special application scenarios. Therefore, in the future market competition, analyzing subdivided application fields and production links, comprehensively polishing the combination of product functions and application processes, and forming a reproducible process package will be the way for collaborative robot companies to develop by leaps and bounds.

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