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Embedded programmable controller, built-in X86 architecture CPU, integrated PLC, motion control, EtherCAT equipment, can provide powerful control capabilities for multi-axis and logic automatic systems.
Provides 64+ axis control performance in a compact form factor
Support EtherCAT multi-axis and I/O system
Open Codesys programming environment, support multi-language programming under IEC61131-3 standard
PCI-E expansion interface, providing universal driver support under embedded systems
Support board-level customization, reducing the time to market for your products


Motor Driver

Nano servo drives provide the most compact and flexible power control and drive solutions for collaboration, medical, and defense. The advanced EtherCAT and CANOpen network provide flexibility for deployment. The ultra-high power density allows it to be installed in almost every machine. In a small space.
Incremental, Tamagawa, Nikon, resolver and other feedback devices support
Lightweight 12g body, support maximum 40A current
The design can be installed on the PCB board to provide the integrity of the axis control
Advanced EtherCAT and CANOpen network support


Servo Motor

The servo motor is designed as a frameless form that can be directly installed on the machine body. It can quickly bring the most advantageous permanent magnet synchronous motor-level performance into your machine, completing seamless connection with the sophisticated motion control system.
High temperature resistant high density stator winding
Rare earth neodymium iron boron rotor permanent magnet
Customizable feedback and drive integration



The battery-less mechanical absolute encoder does not require additional data storage battery support, which helps to improve the convenience of use, and the maintenance cost of the OEM manufacturer's equipment life cycle has also been significantly reduced.
Mechanical position sensing, simple and reliable
Magnetic and photoelectric hybrid position measurement, high precision
Programmable at any position of the origin, large circle count, easy to use



The electromagnetic brake based on the electromagnetic spring pressurized and de-energized adopts a friction type brake design, which has a better and safer braking effect. It is suitable for applications such as robot joints and servo motors.
Adopting friction brake design, fast braking time and good braking effect
Use imported high wear-resistant friction plate, durable, safe and reliable
Compact structure, low operating noise, stable operation
Static friction torque: >1Nm


Torque Sensor

The torque sensor provides a reliable torque measurement sensor for the axially narrow space, especially in the joint part of the robot, which provides a reliable mechanical closed-loop control possibility without occupying additional space.
Large-range single-axis torque measurement, covering the measurement range from 0.01Nm to 240Nm
Independent high-frequency and low-frequency torque measurement sensors to meet different closed-loop control needs
Built-in amplifier and signal processing, analog and digital output modes



Independently designed harmonic reducer with low resistance and low reverse torque. The S-shaped tooth profile is innovatively designed, which effectively alleviates the stress concentration. At the same time, the number of meshing teeth accounts for about 30% of the total number of teeth, so that the transmission accuracy and rigidity are greatly guaranteed.
Low resistance and low reverse torque design
Hollow design, realize intermediate wiring in the same space
Component design, easy to apply in various environments
The transfer efficiency can reach more than 75% at room temperature
Transmission accuracy: <10 arc seconds

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